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  1. 1/1 10:59 tiuchis: Happy 2015
  2. 31/12 11:32 MVitto: Happy last day of 2014 :D See you in 2015!
  3. 26/12 17:30 tiuchis: Merry Xmas!!
  4. 25/12 19:29 jennwithapen: Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. 23/11 19:43 tiuchis: Happy weekend as well!!
  6. 20/11 21:51 MVitto: Happy weekend everyone :heart:
  7. 2/11 18:44 MVitto: sorry guys for not updating the last images of the homepage, aleki and I are very busy with our works but we are also trying something new coming soon :nunu:
  8. 15/10 20:21 MVitto: thank you guys SOOOOO MUUUUCH :wub: :wub:
  9. 15/10 6:28 Aleki77: Happy Birthday to our super friend MVitto :kawai: :kawai:
  10. 4/10 6:46 Aleki77: Good Morning guys! I'm going in Rome for a week!
  11. 12/8 7:58 tiuchis: Hello all
  12. 6/7 1:25 HeatherC12: Oh hello there friends! I've been busy and hadn't checked here in a while and now I see your sweet messages. Thanks and glad to hear you're all doing well! =) Its too long to explain everything about OUAT for me but I think the writing has been disappointing and it's full of plot holes now. =(
  13. 4/7 22:07 jennwithapen: The!
  14. 2/7 7:10 jennwithapen: I bet Jen is on her way to Australia now ;-)
  16. 8/6 19:04 MVitto: @Jen: suuuure no prob :D thanks!
  17. 7/6 13:15 jennwithapen: @Mvitto I will get to your translation this weekend. Just been busy unpacking ;-)
  18. 7/6 14:54 MVitto: Oliver? cute :) btw waiting for Aurore reportage from Monaco Festivaaaal :D
  19. 4/6 20:23 jennwithapen: Baby boy Dallas' name is Oliver :-)
  20. 31/5 6:37 jennwithapen: Congrats to Josh and Ginny on a baby boy!
  21. 28/5 21:02 Aleki77: Hello girls and guys
  22. 28/5 13:33 jennwithapen: Miss you Heather! I still have hope that Swanfire will prevail in the end ;-) My mom said recently that they'll probably bring Neal back around the time Emma decides to marry Hook. #tvdrama
  23. 26/5 7:02 JMHBSK: Hey there!! I was wondering where you've been. Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the show. Anything in particular or just in general?
  24. 25/5 21:26 HeatherC12: Hi everyone. I know I've been quite MIA lately but I got disgruntled with OUAT in S3B and just didn't want to inflict that on you guys. I hope things are going well for all of you! *HUGS* :wub:
  25. 25/5 23:20 tiuchis: Hello all
  26. 18/5 9:16 Aleki77: I'm saying hello from my hotel in Rome! HELLO guys!
  27. 15/5 14:35 alessandra aa: Ciao Vitto. :heart: :happy: Ciao Ale buon viaggio. :happy: :smack: Ciao a tutte. :kisses:
  28. 14/5 20:57 MVitto: ciao cara ale, buon viaggio aleki... torna presto!!! :ciao:
  29. 3/5 16:42 alessandra aa: Ciao Vitto. :happy: Ciao Ale. :happy: Ciao a tutte. :smile:
  30. 3/5 12:18 MVitto: Happy weekend everyone :heart:
  31. 2/5 20:14 Aleki77: Happy Birthday to jensduckling
  32. 21/4 10:26 Aleki77: HAPPY EASTER :D
  33. 20/4 17:54 tiuchis: Happy Easter!!!
  34. 20/4 9:57 alessandra aa: Buona Pasqua a tutte. :smack:
  35. 20/4 9:44 MVitto: :kisses: HAPPY EASTER HOLYDAYS GUYS :kisses:
  36. 12/4 19:15 Aleki77: Happy Birthday Jennifer! :clapper: :smack: :smack: :smack:
  37. 12/4 19:14 Aleki77: Glad you like the new skin! :smile:
  38. 12/4 18:39 tiuchis: LOVE THE NEW FORUM LOOK!!!
  39. 12/4 15:28 alessandra aa: Happy Birthday Jennifer. :smack: Ciao Vitto. :happy: Ciao Ale. :happy: Ciao a tutte. :smile: Bellissima la nuova grafica. :wub:
  40. 12/4 8:21 jennwithapen: Oh my! The new skin is H-O-T!! Happy birthday to Jennifer!
  41. 12/4 11:57 MVitto: :smack: ***HAPPYBDAY JENNIFER MORRISON*** :smack:
  42. 12/4 11:56 MVitto: :smack: ***HAPPYBDAY JENNIFER MORRISON*** :smack:
  43. 12/4 11:56 MVitto: :smack: ***HAPPYBDAY JENNIFER MORRISON*** :smack:
  44. 10/4 20:16 Aleki77: Happy Bday Aurore!!!
  45. 8/4 14:21 alessandra aa: Ciao Vitto. :happy: Buona settimana anche a te. :smile: Ciao Ale. :happy: Ciao a tutte. :smack:
  46. 7/4 20:16 MVitto: buona settimana ale, baci a tutte :zi:
  47. 5/4 11:42 alessandra aa: Ciao Vitto. :happy: Ciao Ale. :happy: Ciao a tutte. :smile:
  48. 4/4 15:27 MVitto: ciao a tutti :littlewar:
  49. 30/3 11:42 alessandra aa: Buona domenica a tutte. :kisses: Ciao Vitto. :happy: :heart: Ciao Ale. :happy:
  50. 29/3 16:32 MVitto: ciaoooooo ale :heart:
  51. 24/3 15:27 alessandra aa: Ciao Vitto. :happy: Ciao Ale. :happy: Ciao a tutte. :smile:

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